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Breakfast Beef Sausage Patties – Take-away Shops, Caterers, Restaurants
Beef Burgers



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Breakfast Beef Sausage Patties – Takeaway Shops, Caterers, Restaurants

In today’s busy lifestyle, every person is on the go when it comes to food. Be it lunch, dinner, or breakfast, people prefer spending less time in the kitchen. That is the reason, we introduced these breakfast beef sausage patties that are ready-made to ensure an easy and simple breakfast.

These beef sausage patties are delicious. Just fry the patties and add it to your favourite burger. Once taken out of the packet, the patties must be fully cooked at a temperature of 75°C. These patties have some flavourful ingredients and spices that make them a perfect option for breakfast.


  • Beef sausage patties are the perfect partner for breakfast in today’s busy lifestyle
  • They have a plethora of ingredients and spices to make your burger delicious
  • Patties need to be cooked at a given temperature to cook them fully
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