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Beef Burgers



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Gourmet Beef Burger Patties 100g-10kg bag. Wholesalers, Restaurants

Our beef burger patties don’t only come in smaller packets but we also offer bags ranging from 100g to 10kg. Get the best beef burger patties from us in larger quantities for your restaurant or catering business. We offer the best quality at a reasonable price. At Triple C Poultry, we ensure that we have a pristine hygienic work environment put in place to provide our customers with the best quality products.

Whether you own a catering business or have a house party, we are here to help you out. Order our 10kg pack of gourmet beef burger patties and enjoy the delicious, tender, and juicy burgers. You just have to fry these patties at a certain temperature which is outlined on the packet


  • Beef burger patties also come in larger quantity ranging from 100g to10kg pack
  • Burgers contain great spices and ingredient to make them delicious
  • Prepared under strict hygienic checks

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